Chronic feeling of boredom

I feel almost every day for about an hour or two like I have nothing-to-do except to lie down on the sofa. It’s either after work or on the weekends. I know it’s not a big problem, considering the disease. But I don’t know how to fill my time.
One person once told me, “I am grateful for all the people who made my concerns their concerns.” The man was dying of cancer. This quote to me is about each person’s personal needs. I am going through a period of learning how and when to respond to others I know who have needs.
I do feel a little bit self-centered. And a bit ashamed.

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I sit in silence all the time. My wife thinks it’s weird when I am in the living room and don’t turn on the tv.

I am just glad my body wants to nap during the day. It takes up some time

I’ve found that usually when one aims to be not so self centered, even if they may come off as one, its not entirely in your control, not your fault. This disease has sorts conditioned us to be self centered since our world is constantly changing

Nothing wrong with being self-centred. You have a disease!

I love having some time off to lay on the sofa for one hour. It is rare. I am always doing things.

Try to take things lightly.

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