Chronic brain inflammation because of ap?

Anybody suffer from chronic brain inflammation because of ap?

I have been for quite a while and wonder if I should switch medication to see if it gets better. I am able to manage the inflammation somewhat with supplements, and it is the only big problem I have when it comes to side effects. I just wonder if it would be a good idea to switch to another drug, or if I should just bite the bullet. What are your thoughts? I’m on zyprexa.

How do you know you have chronic brain inflammation?

Sounds pretty scary

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I have almost constant discomfort in my skull, not exactly pain, but it’s very uncomfortable. I’m very sure it’s because of the drugs. I have also experienced swelling, like if I move my head around it cracks a lot inside my skull. My doctor told me it’s not dangerous, but it’s definitly uncomfortable.

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I always say that I feel like there’s a plastic bag wrapped around my brain. Sorta. It is not nice.

And it does get me slightly worried


So I did some dietary intervention yesterday and the inflammation lessened before bedtime.

Today I have done the same and decided to start a diary to record what supplements I take and what I eat in the course of a day, and also keep track of how severe the inflammation is. Hopefully I will learn something useful.

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