Christmas parties

Will you go to Christmas parties in this year or has the coronavirus pandemic changed also this …

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No we’re not going to any, we wont visit anyone and no one will visit us. Those are the rules set by the government, no visitors at all.

Its a 1600$ fine for everyone if police caught visitors here. They’re checking car plates to know if there is visitors. My brother got arrested bcz he was with his friend in the same car and they dont live together.

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Lockdown here for xmas, they don’t want parties this year

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They checking plates damn wtf they gotta chill

no parties. just spending it with my parents sister and niece.

Yea my brother asked the cops when he got arrested for being with his friend and they told him that they’re checking parked car plates. Its also on Canadian news.

They just looking for an excuse to arrest people, that sh*t so stupid man

Lock down in much of California until at least January 4th.

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Lock down here until January 7th

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I am going to have a family Christmas lunch with my sister and her husband and my former stepmother and her family.

I hope I will feel comfortable enough to stay for lunch.

Last year I left in the middle of lunch because I felt unwelcome and hated by some there.

Some of them might not approve of my former stepmother taking care of me but I love them all.

We are aloud thirty people together outside I think.

No other parties for me and that’s more lunch but they will be getting drunk but I won’t because I don’t drink alcohol.

It’s embarrassing I don’t know if I should hug people or not.

Probably not now because of covid19.

The only party I need is the one in my pants.

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