Christmas meal preparations

Do you participate in making the Christmas meal or do you let others to make it? I live alone and I make my Christmas meal, although I may buy some prepared / ready-made food for my Christmas meal.

I’ve never cooked a Christmas meal. I’m a Thanksgiving kind of guy.

Here where I am we do not have Thanksgiving, but Christmas is celebrated greatly.

I cook, I love cooking. My priority is to eventually cook better than my grandmother, and my mom says I’m on my way. I want to learn how to make the tradicional portuguese dishes my grandmother used to make for christmas. This year is game on :smile:

People buy candies too, I just got one of my Christmas presents, All Sort Liquorice,

I think I’ll sacrifice a goat on Christmas just to piss off my holier-than-thou in-laws. It’s a joke folks. :smiley:

Holy hell, look at that spread! You’re moving in with me!

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