Christmas is over till next year

It went so quick
I not ready to feel better until after new year where can get back to normal
Feeling lonely :frowning:


My Christmas was lonely too… Around 2 PM I called 2 restaurants to see if they were open, when I knew they weren’t.

Christmas is not over until the 6th of January.

You may be in a hurry for the New Year to come and for things to ‘get back to normal’, but I for one am not. We have a General Election in the UK in May 2015, and the campaigning will begin as soon as Big Ben strikes midnight on the 31st. Six months of politicians wearing their re-election masks and speculating broadcasters with their various charts. Not an appealing thought…

Seasons greetings (still!)

sorry your feeling lonely new years eve what a total dud of a celebration for an alcoholic like myself.
its a truth self evident that it has never been a good time of year for me has ALWAYS intensified my feelings of disconnectedness from other humans. i would like thingd to go back to normal now too its getting cold and old to be xmas LOL