Christians: when do we know to stop looking?


I hate to broach the topic of relationships in relation to Christianity but being single its on my mind. The Bible is full of texts about the good of remaining single. I know it sounds crazy but google it.
I’m 32 years old and I’m beginning to think its not going to happen. Maybe that’s a good thing with my mental illness. It seems there at too kinds of respected women in society: wife/mothers and high achievers. The apostle Paul talks about being single is good because you can serve God better. As one of the “needy” I have no idea how to do that. My solution was to be a mans helper. I pray about it but I feel that I am to afflicted to do anything. The worse part is I may be here for another 40 years. I’m am trying so hard to be positive but I can’t see how I can serve Jesus.


I’m a 55 year old male. Never married. No kids. I like children, and I think I would have been a good father, but my mental illness and my alcoholism kept me from getting situated so I could support them. I’m not too worried about it. If you can’t express yourself one way another way will open up. I don’t feel like life has passed me by or anything like that.


I see your point. It is what it is I guess.


I’m a potato. Each morning I look around and I laugh at you guys. You humans with your fancy cars, fancy art and religion. All your sophistication. And you humans think your holier than me? You think you’re more divine and advanced than me all because of your civilization and your relationships. Meanwhile, me the potato just sits there all day long in content. I spread happiness to people when they eat me. Meanwhile humans don’t bring me any happiness ever…and you think you’re the more enlightened ones?? You humans and your misery about finding a mate, while I just spread my seeds naturally…and you think you’re better than me. Really you think you’re better than me?

Well it’s something to think about, me the potato thinks. Appreciate me, appreciate the bees, the maples trees, the fruit. I’m just as one with the Universe as Jesus is. Just as important as some “idol” is.

Maybe you don’t become God or an angel when you die, you become a potato. Life is good as a potato. What’s so great about being a human.

Oh yeah humans have wine and drugs.

Okay I’m done ranting.


it is good to believe in something.
take care :alien:


Yes, being single can serve God better. Marriage, however, is a gift from God.

We are not just talking about religion here. It is also about our health, our responsibilities in the parents’ family and so forth, when considering the possibility of getting married.

Nevertheless, make a prayerful decision whenever you can, lagoonlovely. :blush:


needs me a fleshless relationship.

It’s much nicer. Clean you could say.

Can’t be good friends with all of that oozing meat in the way.