Christian history is clearly free of violence

I wasn’t there during most of Christian history so I don’t buy into all the crusades etc. They didn’t happen. A fabricated forgery of documents led by the Antichrist himself.


I reckon this is a good illustration of the peace that prospered during the first 2,000 years.

The Muslims actually won the majority of the crusades I think


This is definitely not satire, folks.

Well there are some instances of mass violence like the Spanish Inquisition and the witch hunts. Anyone who didn’t believe the Christian tales was shunned and hurt-even killed in the modern world.

And don’t forget the violent torturous death Jesus Christ supposedly had. Very bad stuff.

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Don’t forget the subjugation of the whole pagan world killed off the druids… Mayans… Philippines…ect no violence though they did it with the power of love…lol


The original Jesus was probably a homie… they just ruined his name


Though they weren’t openly violent like the Spanish Inquisition, the clergy during the nineteenth century really stunk. I remember reading about these missionaries on an isolated island burning out all of this certain kind of root that was the staple diet of the natives because “it made life too easy for them”. Any time I’ve seen these characters portrayed in movies or novels they are incredibly arrogant and condescending. These clergymen are a good example of why I don’t follow Christianity.

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Our current parish priest is a married female in her 30s, my age. She seems to be doing a really good job about working with the parish. But I too, have rebelled against christianity because I always gave and was left to die in a ditch bleeding out of my ass. I gave as much as I could and tried my best to do the right things and not make mistakes yet I still did in this conquest called life.

I’m not saying God is fake, but once I was rebellious against my birth born religion christianity. (notice how I don’t capitalize it). I’ve seen things in Gods kingdom to haunt people and make their skin crawl and by my judgement it will only get worse. And I loathe the feeling of that.

But I don’t pray as much as I could, because I’m being observed and watched and recorded by sentinels. I can’t get out to him as much as I used to and I’m tired and weary and have lacked certain faith for awhile.

But Crimby, if I could deliver God to you I really would. I’d send him on his way and give you a vision or a command from the almighty. But I don’t think I can do that lol.

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Oh, @Nomad McTrollface, I hope the season is treating you well. :kissing_heart: