Christ, is power that petty and lame and tenuous?

My new supervisor at my janitor job. He already gets to boss people around. But if I challenge his power at all, accidentally or at all he starts “double-talking”, He sometimes will start talking nonsense. Example: He just tells us to do something, if we answer the wrong way, he will immediately change his order. I know what he wants done but he needs time to think to have power so he just makes s*it up. He will talk in paradoxes or confuse you on purpose. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him look bad but a couple of times I’ve had to laugh. Its so ridiculous. I see other people besides him do it too. I shouldn’t complain, it could ne worse. Is peoples power this tenuous?


My manager tries to act like a very sunny and friendly person but at the same time she always seems so incredibly tense that I’m always nervous around her. She seems like she has a lot of stress and maybe even anger. I dunno she’s a confusing person. And she is very critical of me, much more so than the other managers.

Bosses, man. When I’m a nurse practitioner I wanna have my own practice so I can be my own boss :weary: People with authority over me give me anxiety.


You ever heard the expression, “Crap runs downhill”? Maybe it’s good that she is at least trying to be cheerful. But yeah, some people aren’t cut out to be bosses and they take on more than they can handle and they know it. But power is hard to let go of. My boss hides his stress pretty well but now I know that by the end of the day he might look like his usual easy going self but he is likely to lash out if we make mistakes.


I can’t comprehend this but you’re the boss anyways!

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