Chop chop!

Giving it back to @DrZen.




I don’t know what that is. Is that some type of food?

Also, I’ve been looking into the Samsung Galaxy S21. When I asked earlier someone advised me to ask you. Sorry if it derails the topic. What are your thoughts on the S21?

Grilled pork chops loaded with my homemade habanero BBQ sauce.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G. Have had it for less than a week so I can’t say much right now. If the camera is better than my S10+, it’s not obvious to me and I used that camera heavily. I strongly dislike the new control placement. It’s missing a MicroSD port, which I hate. Undecided if I’ll send it back over this or not, I still have 3 days to decide.


I want to be a chef at McDonald’s. I think I could make the best McChicken ever.

When I graduated kindergarten I had big dreams.

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Sounds tasty. Thanks for the input. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ I still like it although I may qualify to trade it in for the 5G S21. I’ve had some mango habanero BBQ. I recommend it if you ever get the chance.

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Mmmm… looks good @velociraptor

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Those are the most delicious looking pork chops I’ve ever seen!!! Yummmm!!!

Sounds and looks delicious! I love BBQ sauce so much. Good quality BBQ pulled pork sandwiches are too die for. With pickles. Don’t forget about the pickles. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Half of that stack was supposed to be supper tonight. The teen wiped them out.

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Oh, I’m sorry!!

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