anyone take it here?

I have a bottle I use in addition to regular meds when I’m overwhelmed with symptoms. Only occasionally use it as I don’t like the side-effects, notably messed up vision.


i was given these as a sleeping tablet, surely this is plain wrong by my pdocs

First antipsychotic I was ever on.Prescribed it for 3 months without anything for the side effects.Experienced bad akathisia. Later on had it with disipal to counter the akathisia etc. Was very sedating.

im chucking them in the bin

zyprexa 15mg i take and thats enough for my brain

i wanted zimovane 7.5 sleepers

Oh yea, I’ve had it, a few years ago, and a long time ago too. Well known brand name: Thorazine. Real garbage man. I mean it will fill you up if you can keep it down. I take zyprazadone now with no adverse reactions and no need for secondary drugs for any of that nonsense. I suggest you tell your doc about all your executive decisions so you’re always on the up and up with the pros. I was taking Haldol recently and I put it into the circular file myself because it was driving me insane from bad reactions. I will be informing my shrinky dink about my decision because it is my decision.

I use them when I’m so wound up I need help to sleep, but I wouldn’t want to take them every night! They are intended for stomping down positive symptoms. If you’re not having trouble with symptoms, but trouble with just sleep instead, these are probably overkill.


i thought zyprexa alone aould be enough to get you to sleep. It did for me.