Chlorpromazine and Fluvoxamine update

These meds work well together but I feel like I am in drugged daydream all day.
I don’t really want to feel like this for the rest of my life.

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Do you take those meds in the morning or afternoon? If so, ask pdoc if you can take them only at hour of sleep.

I take them both in the evening, 50mg of both.

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Did you start taking them recently? Maybe you’ll build a tolerance to them over time.

I have been on them together for 3 weeks after I promised my wife I wouldn’t drink alcohol anymore. I have been on Chlorpromazine this time since August last year, I cannot sleep at all since I gave up alcohol without taking the Fluvoxamine. I was on Fluoxetine before I went on the Fluvoxamine.
I have been on meds for 12 years.


I have just taken 20mg Paroxetine with my Chlorpromazine instead of the Fluvoxamine to see what happens tonight, if I don’t get any sleep tonight it doesn’t really matter because I am not doing anything tomorrow, I have never tried Paroxetine without drinking alcohol before.


I slept for 7 last night which is good, but it maybe because I still have some Fluvoxamine in my system, but I feel much happier today because I am not so drugged up.

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Hi simon how are u now…

Hi far_cry, I am doing well but will now more about my med change in the next few days, as it takes time for my brain to adjust to the new antidepressant.
I hope you are keeping well.

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Hope u will find peace soon …

I have just woken up, I slept for 7 hours again which is good for me, I don’t feel drugged anymore so that is good, but I am starting to hear thoughts in my head, some of which were very sensible, and I am not having messed up dreams now.

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Fluvoxamine (Luvox) made me feel like a robot in a way. Like a feeling of derealization. It was so weird.
I had to switch to Fluoxetine (Prozac) because of that.

I found Fluvoxamine made me feel like I was in a bubble/a brain fog/not my self, and with Chlorpromazine it was like a had a lobotomy.
Fluvoxamine is very different to all the other ssri antidepressants and more like a sedating tricyclic or tranquilizer, although very effective, I can’t see anyone wanting to take it forever.
I will use Fluvoxamine again if I have to, and then go back on to a different ssri.

I have been Paroxetine for a week now, it is working well and I don’t feel drugged, but I crave sugar all the time, I ate a whole box of chocolates this afternoon. I have been eating sweets everyday which I don’t normally do.

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