Chlorpromazine and abilify

Is chlorpromazine 100 mg and abilify 5 mg good medications to treat sleep disorders and concentration problems?

What are the most common seen side effects of taking them together?

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Low dose abilify is good for cognition and has less side effects burden than chlorpromazine but it wont help you with sleep. It will probably decrease sleep.

Chlorpromazine can help with sleep but has more side effects burden and is not ususally tolerated well

Abilify helped me sleep, but for most people that’s not the case.

Chlorpromazine (thorazine) was the worse med I was ever on. So many side effects

Why would you want to take Thorazine !!

That shiit is ancient and comes with a plethora of side effects !!

I like chlorpromazine. One of the best meds for me

Why did u stop it then, may i ask?

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I think the doctors wanted me on clozapine

Abilify did the opposite. It was too activating, and it was only taken in the morning.

Interesting combo - stimulating atypical and sedating typical. Maybe “odd” more than interesting.

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