Chips in our head

Let’s say it’s not invented yet.

you sound delusional…are you stable do you think?

Sounds delusional, but it’s not maybe China invents it with eel cells. has a lot of ■■■■ on there and one of them is mind control with fibers.

yep, you’re delusional…and soon you will be overwhelmed by paranoia unless you work with your doctor…unless you are just digging in conspiracy theories…

I don’t know about chips. I have cameras in my eyes which show POV, what happens by my own angle

@Om_Sadasiva you are unstable too !!

I have screen shots of photos taken with fibers in someone’s brain under a microscope. Do not threaten me with sickness.

You think so? 666/999

I am not threatening you brother…just worried about you…you don’t sound well…have you ever had a psychotic break before.? are you schizophrenic off meds? do you have a psychiatrist?

If it’s delusional a bunch of gullible people just ignored it til it went to our whitehouse and now they’ll fix the election forever

I don’t understand you