Chinese food A Poll

Which one would you get?

  • Sweet and sour chicken
  • Pork fried rice
  • Chicken chow mein
  • Egg foo yung
  • Broccoli beef
  • Kung pao chicken
  • Szechwan beef

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I’d go the beef off that list. I rate Chinese restaurants on how good their sweet and sour pork is. A good sweet and sour pork is usually a good indicator of how good they are for other dishes in my book. Either way. You can’t lose if it’s decent.

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Chinese food sounds good right now.

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Yeah, I eat it.

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your list is almost the dishes of central China. I live in Northeast China, and there are some difference from that of central China.

In Szechwan, China, people pove to eat spicy food. In general, people in Southen China, people like sweet food. In north China, people like salty food.

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