China's newest Aircraft Carrier

If war breaks out, the “Fujian Aircraft Carrier” is heading straight for the Australian moderator.

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My father was military and worked on aircraft carriers for a long time.

The shellbacking stories get me everytime,

What a horrible tradition.

They probably don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.

It’s very impressive.

(The aircraft carrier)

what are those hangars/tents on the deck? When i google the carrier there is pictures with them on and also pictures with those off.


My previous post about China’s new aircraft carrier was not just closed but removed from the forum listing. I can understand locking my thread but removing it as well when there was no vulgar, profanity, religious, political or any offensive content. Even the Chinese text was legit and was the same as the News Announcement.

Sorry for the ranting @Charles_Foster .

The Chinese aircraft carrier is impressive but not compared to the US fleet of 10 nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

Electromagnetic catapults for launching fighter jets.

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oh wow… never seen that before. That is pretty cool =O

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I didn’t know about your previous thread.

Seems odd if it wasn’t political.

Why do aircraft carriers smell weird?

That’s a thing,

They do.

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Yes, apparently a mod removed my thread so quickly no one saw it coming.

The topic was military related. No politics at all.

Never been on an aircraft carrier so I wouldn’t know what they smell like.

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Did you talk about the possibility of war?

Those threads have been getting closed fast.

They were getting people paranoid.

I don’t know man.

It’s hard to say when the thread was deleted.


The covert indirect war between the 5 Eyes Nations & China had already begun 2+ years.

Military talk is not a banned topic is it?

The same can be said of military warfare. yes/no?

I don’t know for sure.

I think it depends on what kind of conversatoin you’re having and what direction the thread takes.

Probably depends on the moderator too.

Can’t telll you why it was closed, but this one doesn’t seem to be in danger.

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Yeah… well my first thread about this topic didn’t even make it past 2 posts let alone 10 views…

But I’m fine if this thread gets locked. I just don’t see the reasoning why my first thread on this topic was taken out of view.

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Agreed but it’s a war no one can when. With the amount of fire power on earth right now, plus both sides having nukes, if a real war breaks our nothing will be left.

At this point we can hope for a cold peace and just compete economically. There is no compromise between authoritarianism and liberty. They are diametrically opposed to eachother.

The danger is that if either side starts to lose they may conclude that if they’re going down they’re taking everybody with them and then a real war begins.

in b4 lock!!!

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Thanks guys for ruining the thread.

We were not talking about war or calling names.

At present the 5 Eyes have the advantage but this situation will change as the years progress. No Empire lasts forever. Nuclear weapons should be feared but there are much more terrible weapon systems than nuclear weapons that remain classified.

Economically, it seemed as though North American markets were headed for a bear market. However, government intervention seems to have delayed or postponed a predicted recession.

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