Children with better co-ordination more likely to achieve at school

My co-ordination at school was described as poor. That no doubt included eye to hand co-ordination. I started well but experienced a gradual decline in academic performance starting around the age of 9.5 . I put that down to the increasing effect of undiagnosed learning difficulties .

I wonder how much the co-ordination - school achievement link is true for people here.


I had motor function issues early but learned to be good at sport and use tools very well.

I’ve seen a sports stars and they are dumb as dog biscuits so not sure what the hell this is about! Weird world!

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When I took online classes at a Junior College I had the best academic performance of my life because the handwriting and coordination issues finally didn’t matter. It’s too bad that I relapsed immediately after due to many factors in what was going on at the time.

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