Children are pukey little critics

Just remembering when I was a teacher of small children. Some of them were happier than others. If they were unhappy, the teacher was often the target. Look out, Louise!

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I always think my youngest is the grouchy one in his class. He dislikes school. The teachers say he has friends and he talks about playing with them, but he asks to be Cybered full time or home schooled. We insisted it is so important for his social skills to stay in school. He is always pouty when he gets in the bus because he has to go.

Iā€™m guessing his mother is having trouble letting go of her youngest. My mother was like that.

i puked up most of my meals as a child :blush:

I did that until around age ten when they yanked my tonsils.

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they just kept making me drink milk. maybe i was lactose. but i can drink it fine now

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