Childish games people play

They keep saying; I knew. Referring to someone I dated 3 years ago, who lied about me. I would have never gone out with him if “I knew”. He never said anything about what he lied about. If I was that desperate I could have found someone with money. People just like lying about people.

It’s so funny I was alone 27 years before that and have been since. I did have one brief nearly platonic relationship 20 years ago. Everyone around here likes supporting their local lying sex offenders.


Isn’t That Illegal?.

Shouldn’t You Call The Police?.

P.s. Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

I had to call the police once. I don’t have names.

If I went out with him for the reasons he’s lying about, why did we only stay together 3 times? If that was my purpose for going out with him, I would have kept going out with him. Nothing has to make sense for those liars. It just has to be stupid like they are.