Childhood traumas

I had a Jehovah’s Witness grandmother and when we were very little (less than ten years old), this grandmother told us to kill kittens with a hammer. I did not participate in this killing, but my brother and cousin did. I think it is terrible to make young kids to do things like that.

That’s horrible! I’m glad you didn’t do it too. That woman sounds very sick. I can’t imagine why someone would tell children to do that. :sunny:

Yikes! that is just awful - very sad. I too am glad that you did not partake in this kind of very dark and twisted activity

Did the kittens have a mother? Were they weaned? If not, most country folk do them in by drowning. Still, it is bad to force children to do such a thing.

I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that. I can understand why you burned the JW Bible.

I’m sorry you had to have a evil JW grandmother and that her son was an abusive alcoholic. I’m sending you TLC to heal your wounds @mjseu!


My experience with trauma was in my teens, had two traumatic experiences to my knowledge, one at 14 and then one at 16. Interestingly both times I was with the same kid. Both times I suffered some sort of dissociative amnesia and forgot everything until like eight years later it began to come back to me.

I tend to think that this trauma is linked in some way to my false memories as they both began to come to me in flashbacks at the same time.

But hey consider your self lucky that your trauma is something you can talk to a therapist (or anyone) about.