Childhood schizotypal features vs. high-functioning autism spectrum disorder:

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I sometimes think I was misdiagnosed as sz during my teenage years.

Although I am certain that I have psychotic depression, I certainly have ASD-like features.

For me the diagnostic process is a very weak area of psychiatry… Too much rushing to change diagnosis due to individual biases as to what symptoms matter more. Too much thinking that how a person presents here and now while medicated trumps a longer pattern of behaviours and symptoms when medication adherence was not as good. Not enough listening to the service user to get an accurate picture of how the service user actually is. Jumping to conclusions is not just something that those with psychosis are prone to doing.

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I was duagnosed with Schizotypal PD as an adult. They implied I developed it during childhood.

IF the symptoms of schizophrenia ,is what we read in the scientific reports and medical references (form and substance)
OR,the symptoms of sz that are observed,diagnosed,classified and formulated with the Dr’s linguistic expressions ,they have one benefit,which is the diagnosis of schizophrenia when it occurs in the sample that is subject to medical interview (examination)

In the other side,the content of diagnostic material does not benefit any scientific research aimed at finding the cause or even knowing the mechanisms of impact !

Because, it expresses about the Dr 's personal expressions ,and does not read the realities of sz’s events with credibility as be seen by the pure mind ,does not agree with the sz’s nature data,does not agree with the existential symptoms be felt by people who are living with the sz’s events

The symptoms of sz including (positive,negative and cognitive …etc ),it remains a set of theoretical symptoms (TS),and it cannot be proven by lab detection methods until now !

-A doctor diagnosis sz’s symptoms and classifies them as P,N and C…etc
And a second doctor fail to find a biological copy of these symptoms or find the anatomical,genetic or chemical source of the symptoms (which the first Dr. said)
So that,the symptoms of sz remains a theoretical symptoms !!
can you believe this ~
We say this and challenge all the research aimed at discovering the cause of sz from the data of the current diagnostic symptoms