Childhood friends?

Thinking back on an incident when I was a teen. I went to school and was friends with brothers, who’s parents were high profile in the church I studied at for a time.

Their mom refused to let us hang out after I went into homeschool. For some reason that made me a bad kid, because I was taking care of family.

High soap boxes, and a religious guise hiding an ugly core.

Last I hear from the boys, the older one was in prison for attempted murder, younger was in prison for trying to smuggle drugs into the US from Mexico. But yet I was the bad kid.

Ever wonder what happened to childhood friends? Ever find out?

Lives take such varied paths.

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Maybe it’s a blessing that you couldn’t hang out with them. They may have dragged you down with them.

Most of my childhood friends are doing well. I do wonder about some of the bullies though. Well I don’t dwell on it but just wonder if they got a taste of their own medicine.


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I dont know what happened to the only friend i got in school, i dont have any kind of contact with him, i wonder if he is ok.

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I’m still friends with four of them. Tanner, Chris, Tara and Terri Ann. Tanner is an acting teacher and actor. Chris is a costume designer, Tara is unemployed but works as a dental assistant and TA is a speech pathologist. Tanner, Chris and Tara are single and TA is living with someone.

I have another friend who is in prison for life for murdering his mother in a methed out rage.

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