Childhood fantasies

I’ve been accused many times of this.

They yell at me that i can work.

You know why, because i’ve been noodling with the guitar for about 18 straight years.

I keep trying to tell them how easy it really is but they won’t listen to me.

You know why they won’t listen, their childhood fantasies of that guy on stage and they called him a guitar god and they were just musical peons.

So in their heads they could never do it and it takes a genius of some sort right?

No! It’s easy and anyone can do it, anyone at all, no ■■■■, it’s really really easy and simple, just practice and you can do it to.

The guy kept saying it man and i kept trying to tell him you know, anyone can ■■■■■■■ play but he wouldn’t listen whatsoever.

Not anyone can fu–ing play! I’ve been practicing the piano for 11 years now, with formal lessons, all this time, and I’m still at early intermediate level. No, not everyone has natural talent like you do. I know I don’t. I’m more of a composer than anything. That is my natural talent. I knew how to compose before anyone taught me.

They could if they tried man, don’t tell anyone that, yes they can.

If you can drive a car, you can play music, if you can play a sport, you can play music, if you can work, you can play music better than me probably.

Watch all of these kids, you tell them they can and they can, they’ll wind up better players than anyone and be proud of it.

Seriously, anyone.

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I like your attitude.

I don’t remember it but according to my parents, I wanted to be a mathematician.
I now want to be a chess player.
However, for it to happen I need the disease to go into complete remission.
I would also like to play tennis, something that I can do right away.


I would love to be able to play guitar or any instrument. How fun to be able to just play and sing to yourself. I admire you and that’s very nice of you to say anyone can do it if they apply themselves. I agree, start when they are kids. Give kids the opportunity to explore all of their talents.

I’ve been listening to my brother play guitar (of any/every kind) since he was old enough to hold one…say? 48 years now?
and if there is one truth to the saying it’s true, if you can’t play good, you can always play LOUD.

noone can easily acquire 18 years of experience