Child, beast, man, god

Naturally occurring developements.

Like the four stages in the sky.

Ending, or beginning, in light.

Pans I’ve always had interest in the things you write and feel as if I can relate. If you want to, can you explain what a normal day in your shoes is like ?

Man, bear, pig

Yeah i’ll tell you.

I found myself in the middle of a faerie ring, and yes i went missing.

One begins a child, this is the least amount of light, they become a beast, as one works through the night they begin to become a man, and then the light rises over the horizon and they become a god.

Some would say that the children are the most light, nope, they have the least amount of light.

Back to me though and my life, i’m a torture victim, they are murdering me and nothing can be done about it because it’s not illegal and you can’t make it illegal. In fact if i say anything they just lock me up again.