chewING on scripture fills ur second stomach full

I have heard that Christians are comparable to deer or ruminant animals and when u chew on verses fron the bible it strengthens ur inner man and fills u full up on fullness


Scientists think increased religious thinking is just a gateway to psychosis, they don’t know what they’re talking about honestly.


But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’”

Matthew 4:14

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I think it’s because persons with a psychotic mind often take religion and beliefs to an out-of-context extreme, if that makes any sense.
Also, a lot of things from christianity and the bible seem pretty far-fetched to some people, so they just assume it’s a part of psychosis. It’s no fair for them to be saying that your beliefs (that even neurotypicals believe) are fueled by (or fueling) psychosis.
Even on here, deep religious conversations and threads are a no-no.

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Ive also heard that according to people’s most dominant thinking is what they are attracting to themselves whether it’s people or ideas or resources so if it’s the word of god then it’s the kingdom of God that u are attracting to urself

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart:
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!

… Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice


Alas! What happened to my ass


Psychosis and the miltary…
I tried to get enlisted in miltary and was prevented when they discovered there was preexisting Psychosis unfortunately for me maybe after giving lots of thought and study to the truth I have heard I have probably come up with new ways war will be waged I heard the army new motto an army of one. Life is similar to a battlefield with a front u encounter as soon as u walk outside ur livING quaters even with in there is a front


This is true…BUT…

The best army motto???



Listen man, they make you a psycho in the military. Every morning you run down the streets of the base of the off road trails in the woods chanting about killing and stabbing and shooting the enemy…I mean it’s a psychos paradise which is why I fit in so well with them. I was NEVER the strongest at Ft. Bragg, but in USMC recruit training which was my second basic training I was never a leader-but showed the guys some things or two about how to manage their problems with the drill instructors.

I’m telling you I was so dedicated, but then started doing some research on 911-and found alot of holes in the plot. There’s alot the public doesn’t get told or taught, and you have to acknowledge that eventually…the fact that we’re lied to.

I would run about 30 miles a week at ft bragg at my permanent station for the army. The marine recruit training after that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be…but those damned kids that joined for the first time…they were scared shitless and I would have been too if I was 18 and joined USMC instead of army paratroopers.

Marines are really mean to their recruits, won’t let them use the bathroom so alot of guys were pissing their pants. They’d water torture use, make us drink and refill our canteens for hours and kids were puking up their dinner and the whole floor had water and puke on it.

Army was rough too though, pretty rough ■■■■…since 911 happened during my first basic in 2001…it was a major change and our drill sergeant would tell us, (privates-I’ve had rougher football practices than this shit…now you better man up or get out of here).

I was jumping out of planes, using night vision goggles and scopes and infrared scopes…when I got to ft bragg they made me a SAW gunner which is a light machine gun…I was so proud to be one too… I used m4s, shotguns, SAWs, m240b, .50 caliber machine guns, mk 19 40mm automatic belt fed grenade launchers…

I was having the time of my life…I got alot of the psycho out of me by doing it I feel. But I’m still a psychotic mother trucker.


I was an artilleryman, I blew up terrorists in afghanistan that ambushed my forces.


Yeah I took religion out of context when 1st hospitised I thought I was Jesus it lasted 2yrs it was scary considering I’m not a believer in religion but forced to go to Sunday school and church till I was 14 the last 12 yrs I looked into heaps of different religions witchcraft and shamanism the later provided me with what I personally find helpfull

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Believing oneself to be God or some sort of spiritual being seems to be a common theme, around here.
I’m glad to hear you found the help you needed. :sunflower:

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ok, ate some scriptures earlier and it didn’t fill my second stomach… oh wait, am suppose to only chew?

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I’ve seen to many scriptures.

I haven’t just read them but they forced their way into my life.

I can see them in my front yard when i go out there.

Don’t need a book anymore.

I pretty much lied about alot of stuff so I could get in. I probably never would have went if I told about some of the anti depressants I was on in my young years after the dog bite. But I knew what I wanted-and I was dead set on making it happen and I made it…just not making it very well all the time with this illness as I’m sure you understand…but I’m doing as well as any other non diagnosee right?? We’ll see I’m not going to cave in any time soon this morning a military member started a fight with me and I wanted to hit him back and he started egging me on and stuff…

But you know I didn’t really get too huffed or really respond to the provocation-I’m too much of the player to cave in to just anyone. LOL.