Chest pain with zeldox

My pdoc upped my ziprasidone to 140 mg and now I have chest pain in the middle of my chest…

That’s no joke. It happened to me on another medication and I went to the hospital straight away. I suggest you do the same.

According to pdrhealth Geodon can cause: “Changes in the electrical activity of your heart, with symptoms such as chest pain, fast or slow heartbeat, shortness of breath, and dizziness or fainting.”

I’m not sure how serious this is, but it sound pretty serious. You might want to call your doctor.

While I was on a high dose of the AP seroquel it messed with my heartbeat and made me black out sometimes. I always after those symptoms showed up, but normaly I was stabilized but that time (out of psychosis).

From google:

Stop taking Geodon and call your doctor right away if you have a chest pain, severe dizziness, and a fast or pounding…

I take Geodon and I’ve been getting mild chest pains right where my heart is. I didn’t worry about it too much. About a week ago I got a chest pain that was strong enough to be alarming. I sure would hate to have to come off Geodon, because it has kept me stable for over ten years with few side effects.

Chest pains are a line in the sand. Call a doctor,hospital,pdoc tonight. Now.

My mom is taking me to the hospital thanks all


Are you feeling any better or is your chest still bothering you?

@Kellie I hope you are feeling better - Could you let us know how you are doing?
Many of us are concerned

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On Kellie’s account it says Kellie was last on 8 hours ago @Wave

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Oh ok @Dreamscape - thanks

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I’m fine. All the tests came back negative. Thank the gods.


It would have been cool if you would have faked your death! :sunglasses: :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: