Cheesecake letdown

Sometimes this board can get too serious. As a way to lighten the mood I thought I would tell everyone something stupid I did. It’s not that interesting or good of a story but people have always liked me telling stories about when I do something stupid. I’m not sure why. The hardest I’ve ever heard my grandmother laugh was when I was playing a racing game my cousin brought over when I was sixteen. I was so bad, I drove backwards for almost a whole lap. I kept running into the wall and crashing. My grandmother laughed so hard I thought she was going to suffocate.

I’m the family cook. There is only me and my mom and she doesn’t like to cook. So I was given complete culinary autonomy. Besides a couple other things like taking out the trash, it is one of my few responsibilities.

Because of my weight problem we have cut out almost all sugar and wheat. It has really helped. I’m losing about a pound a week. I’ve still got far to go though. But twice a year I get to make a cheesecake. That is both of our favorite sweet. The recipe I used to make is really good but it is too big for us. So this year I decided to make a new recipe I found on the bottom of Philadelphia Cream Cheese container for mini cheesecakes.

Most of the time with cooking as you probably know, exact amounts of ingredients aren’t important. But with baking it can be important. When I was making the filling, I thought that it said to use 3 tablespoons of sugar. I remember thinking, that isn’t very much. But it was a new recipe so I went with it.

You are supposed to always taste what you are cooking but I forgot to taste the filling before I poured it. After I spent all this time making the individual graham cracker crusts and the filling, I finally tasted it. Then I reread the directions. It was supposed to be 3 tblespoons butter and 3/4th a cup of sugar. But it was too late they were already in the oven. I was so sad it was funny.

My mom doesn’t like to throw things out. It is partially because she is just naturally frugal and partially because her parents grew up during the great depression. As I predicted she is making us eat the little cheesecakes. We pour honey on them to give them some sugar but it isn’t the same. Today she told me I could try again since we only do it twice a year. It’s really probably because I complained so much.

So I hope you enjoy my stupidity.