Checking in

Just stopping by for a quick check in. How is everyone doing that is in school this semester?

My semester has gotten off to a rocky start. Got a 76 on the the 1st test. Guess I shouldn’t have gone camping the last three weekends and been drinking so much lately. I seem to have lost my coping skills. Not handling the stress of things well. Three days sober now, going to try and make it through the rest of the semester dry. I really want to rally and try for an A-, which if I calculated right I can still get. Clinicals are going well. I’m working on a cardiac unit at the hospital. Its different than last semester, new classmates, new nurses, new instructor. So stressful, my bowels are a mess it takes all week to recover and then its time for clinical again. I think I’m performing alright. I went to the head of the nursing dept one day and told her about my sza and asked what that might mean for the future in my career. Turns out as long as I remain in recovery and on meds I should be a-ok, no problems with licensure or getting a job. I’ll just have to try and find the best possible fitting job for my needs. The whole conversation with her relieved much of my anxiety about the future. I just got a bunch of the books Notmoses recommended about family and sz, started perusing the stories. Very interesting and sadly familiar.


Hi Skims,

So far I’m doing alright, I’m one month in without having missed a course. I think I’m doing pretty well on written tests and assignments. Usually I feel anxious in the hours leading up to the beginning of the class but as I settle in front of the computer in class and after the course I feel relieved, stress-free and quite accomplished.

It’s gonna be tough but I ought to persevere. I want a job as a game designer and being able to apply for a mortgage for a new condo, that’s my goal.

Good luck.

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Its funny, thinking that a year from now I’ll be working as a nurse. (Hopefully) I’m already spending all the money I’ll be earning in my head!!

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Cool. My degree takes two years to complete. Are you gonna be a psych nurse? It’s a fine job, the ladies at my clinic seem to enjoy working there.

One thing is I was supposed to have an appointment with adapted services but I missed it. :frowning: I wonder what kind of help they can provide so maybe I’ll call them back to set up a new appointment as they haven’t contacted me.

They told me early on they would need a paper from the pdoc clarifying my diagnosis so since I will see him next week I will ask about that!

But then all that doubt comes crashing in. What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t cope with the realities of going back to work? So I try to talk myself down. I can work per diem or part-time a few hours a week instead of full time. Work in an office or home care instead of hospital. The good thing about nursing is that there are so many options/types of nursing available. I’ll find a place somewhere.

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I have the same doubts and lack of self-belief. The best thing you can do is take it one day at a time and tell yourself you will feel better when the day has gone by.

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