Checking in

Hella stressed for the holidays and my dad just touched down at the airport. I don’t know what the visit will entail either because he’s a tightwad grouch!

Trying to decide if I want to stay in school for next semester…I don’t know what to do bc I don’t have time to plan the voices wake me up at night…anytime.

I just wish I had peace of mind for the holidays.

Keeping you guys in my thoughts.


Glad to see you’re still around .

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My man, always good to see you post. Hope you make it out the other side of the holidays okay.


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It’s good to see you around @neveragain!

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I just ordered Mexican food and am watching total recall with Arnold. Great show. Just thinking of the next thing I’ll give my voices to rebel against them.

I’ve cut night meds in half, more alert now to cope with their strategies and fight back.

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