Checking account or prepaid debit card

What do you think. Should I have my social security check deposited to my checking account or to the American Express Bluebird prepaid debit card. Bluebird has guaranteed six business day bill pay, and my landlord and auto insurance accept AmEx. I would keep my checking account anyway because it comes with free credit monitoring for $6.00 a month which is cheap. What’s your experiences with prepaid debit cards?

I don’t really have any experience dealing with prepaid debit cards but I do see that Brinks or I believe NetSpend were prepaid debit cards that you were protected against unauthorized transactions I know it least with Brinks but I’m not sure about NetSpend

If you pay for credit monitoring does that protect you against unauthorized transactions?

No. They just monitor your credit report for changes and notify you of any changes found.

I don’t use debit cards I use credit cards but if I did I’d be very careful about which one I selected because normally if somebody steals your money you’re just out like with a credit card if someone steals your money or has unauthorized charges you are not responsible for them so I would try to find a debit card that you’re protected against unauthorized charges I just am saying that would be what’s most important to me if I was using one

Bank man. Always.



Most big banks have fraud protection, if your card or card number is ever stolen they will reimburse you for it. I use Bank of America they will even send you out a free debit card automatically if they suspect anything suspicious, you can even ‘lock’ a debit card if you lose it & unlock it if you find it again.

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