Check this things out:

I was going into to get the typical aux to cassette converter only to find this guy for ten bucks more.

The only draw back is that it has a separate battery that needs charging. However, the blue/red indicator lights are quite intuitive.

I was contemplating replacing my whole stereo head just to have bluetooth interface… but this thing pretty much takes care of all my issues. It has a microphone for hands free calls… (though you still have to use the phone to answer).

It’s neat though… those FM transmitters are tough to work with and they fail a lot… I gotta say… I am thoroughly surprised and quite pleased. Normally I get to roll around feeling like I’ve thought of everything (general technological awareness), but this is something that caught me off guard.

I know cassette players have been on their way out for some time, but a lot of folk are still stuck with older vehicles… this does seem like a solid solution for all of those folks (myself included.)

Important to note though… exposure to the cold of winter will destroy lithium ion batteries in cheap devices… don’t leave it in your car unless your car is garaged.

Just passing a new found fascination of the day along.

Long live the pangolins!


Wow! I had no idea. My IQ just went up a notch. :innocent:

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laugh out loud…

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