Check out this deer


Beautiful pic Jon!



That is a really good picture.

I have deer around here all the time, but trying to get a picture of them is impossible.

Very impressive!


Good pic… we have 2 types of deer here… the country deer… who pretty much bolt at the drop of a leaf… and the city deer… who wander into buildings full of people…

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Wow that’s awesome!!

i love this time of year! The falling leaves.

All I can think about is venison with brown gravy.

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this is freaking me out…I just hit a deer with my car on the highway to walmart today…it collapsed on the side of the road and I assumed it died…on my way back (the car was fine.) I noticed the deer was gone.

I’ve hit a deer and killed it. I lost my mind over it. I’m a vegetarian, and I started thinking is it really so different from killing a person and leaving them on the side of the road? Anyway, we moved the carcass to the woods for the wolves and mountainlions. It was also gone quickly.

Also great pic Jon!

Missing out on some rral good venison

It looks like a statue.