Check out my new song

Well I actually wrote it 3+ years ago when I was in a very dark place, but recorded it recently. I really like the lyrics I had to share it


Oops, we couldn’t find that track.

Oh yeah I reuploaded it with a different title

I don’t listen to stuff like that, but sounded good!

The last rap song I listened to was Influx - Uni Life! It’s a Asher Roth - I Love College cover!

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I don’t really either but I used to…but still love making it

It’s my passion

Classic rock is my fav

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My dad used to have this on vinyl and me on CD, obv better on vinyl!

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Ya led Zeppelin is my favorite band. :thumbsup:

like that it’s slower, nice.

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My sister has led Zeppelin 1 on vinyl

My favorite vinyl I own is crown of creation by Jefferson airplane

When did you come back daze :slight_smile:
Good to see u

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Just made a new song


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