Cheap Thrills - $1 toys

Once in awhile I find some cool little toys at Dollar Tree like a mini Jenga set.

I found this cool little battery operated Lite Brite clone yesterday with 66 pegs. Not a good toy for really young kids or to be left around pets, but I was surprised anyone would bother to make something like this.


“Cheap Thrills- $1 toys”

And here I’m thinking this will be a thread about Butt Plugs! :joy:


Hmmm… they might have those too lol


They hide out in the candle section


Seriously though, I do love the Dollar Stores. They have sooo much stuff…

Candy, pop, cat food, toilet paper, tinfoil, shoe laces and on and on…

I’m in our local Dollarama every other day for one item or another.


Happy cake day!

Has anyone made a thread to congratulate you yet?

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Yes, they have!

Well, I made my own thread actually as it is my ‘fake’ cake day. I’ve actually been on this forum for over 5 years now as of last March 1st.


That’s really neat.

The dollar store tends to have cool little gadgets.

I enjoy looking through their toys and books. :slight_smile:

I bought a computer mini mouse from the dollar store lol Its the smallest mouse I have ever seen and its been working perfect for 10 years with my Android TV.


We won’t discuss what the ten year service award from my company looks like. We just won’t.

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Of course, who could forget those Paradise Chocolates from my thread a couple of years back!

My daughter took the picture of the box at Dollarama! The macaroons look like pooh!! :joy:

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Greeting cards and herbs and spices are great deals at dollar stores. I forget exactly how much they charge but I know they’re cheap :grinning:

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For sure! Greeting Cards are about $1.25 at the Dollar Stores…up to $10.99 at the Drug Stores.

I always get my cards at Dollarama.


Dollarama’s seasonal wear is fantastic as well…

Canada Day hats and t-shirts…for St. Patrick’s Day…Valentine’s Day…Christmas…and for many other festive occasions.

I bought a quart of liquid risperidone there for a buck



Ughh, I hope it’s FDA approved.


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