Cheap e cigarette

Even though I bought cigs yesterday I think I’m gonna buy a cheap e cig…one that doesn’t make too much clouds meaning it doesn’t burn too much juice. Turns out I have $220 to last the next 10 days which is plenty…like one of those pens

Maybe I’ll go to utopia cuz I’m feeling adventurous

I like that shop


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Cheap ecigs are a waste of money, other than ‘getting you into the game’.

I’d recommend this instead:

Innokin Coolfire IV 40w

Atomiser :
Innokin iclear30s

This setup won’t use much juice and will get you off tobacco.

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I was in the store when you responded. Thanks for your help everhopeful you’re the vape King

But I got this

Max vape


Cost $35

Hope it lasts

I like it so far

And it’s green, my fav color

Better than smoking cheap cigars

OK :smile: just remember you have to replace the atomizer every month. Which is quite cheap. Let us know how you get on with it. I started off on an ego style ecig as well.


The Kangertech needs a new atomizer every two weeks. You know when you get that burnt taste, it’s time.

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Yes, I only get about 10 days max from mine, but it depends how much you use it. I remember I used to get about a month from the ego atomisers but they didn’t keep me off cigarettes.

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