Charles darwin keeps following me

charles darwin keeps saying theres a flower like an orchid ****not an orchid!!! but like one, white with lavendar blossom and its the cure for the virus

do you think i should tell the prime minister?

Definitely not. I think you should call your doctor


Take your meds if you want escape hospital

Wow that’s the craziest delusion I’ve ever heard :dizzy_face:

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King Henry the 8th told me that the juice from Turkey drumsticks can beat Covid 19.

I’m preparing my speech for the United Nations as we speak!



I shouldn’t laugh, though.

Do any of you remember when I had that ‘Turkey Delusion’ a couple of years back when I was psychotic?

I was seeing turkeys everywhere…I’m dead serious! One of my most embarrassing and in hindsight hilarious delusions i had ever had! :grimacing:



Sending you hugs! :hugs:

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i would not follow you if i was darwin

Darwin is a little too dead to follow anyone.


If it were real, Darwin would talk to the prime minister herself. Why would he give someone information when they had no means of doing anything with it?

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