Charismatic mental health youtubers

I’m thinking people like Rachel Star Withers. What’s your view of them? I know they’re good at putting an acceptable face to mental illness for the general public but is that really good enough re fighting stigma? After all most of us aren’t so charismatic and socially presentable but still deserve and need support and understanding. It’s not all about being a mentally ill media personality. Do they make mental illness seem like less of a problem than it really is, ie "Look at that Rachel Star Withers and how she comes across. I tell you mental illness isn’t so bad " , when some of us are really struggling ?

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It’s a very good point. I doubt any normies look at those type of videos though. I suspect they’ve already made up their mind.

That’s half the problem shifting entrenched negative views , but not having people succumb to glamourised ideals of severe mental illness in the process.

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