Charger cable for my pc is about to break

I won’t be able to afford a new one for a least 2-3 more months. Without the pc I can’t do freelance work, so there goes any hopes of an extra income. The pc is also my only way of communicating with the outside world as I can’t afford a phone.

I’m starting to panic. I’m having crying spells and anxiety and I don’t want to be here.
I know it’s stupid to get that torn up over a pc, but I’m having really bad emotions just thinking about how hard it will be to have nothing to do but sit in my room and stew in my thoughts.

What should I do?


Maybe borrow money to fix it? You absolutely need your pc


My birthday is coming up, so I’m hoping my parents might give me some money for my birthday like they usually do. But any money I can get my hands on will go to rent and groceries as I’ve calculated wrong and am running short.


Sometimes hotels concierge have one… I read that your staying at a hotel…

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Maybe go to your local computer shop and see if they will trade you for something else idk an old phone old broken laptops

Or a pawn shop?

How much does it cost?

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Surely a simple charger cable cant be very expensive? Amazon? Ebay?

Ive got a box full of various ones, and they wernt that much.

You talking about a “kettle lead” 240v cable or a USB Variation?

Blimey they are well under a tenner.

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@Pikasaur … I would send you one ,but i dont have enough info to do so. sorry… try ebay make sure you find right input Volt via ohms and output Voltage for you pc.

I don’t know what any of that means.
But I’ve found a website that has a universal charger for 33Euro. I guess I gotta save up and hope my computer will hold until then.

There are two universal chargers, one with 45W and one with 90W but I can’t figure out which one works with my pc? It’s a Samsung RV515

Oh that adapter! Thats still a bit pricey - a quick google show them on ebay for 7 uk pounds. But yeah your euro - but id shop around.

Be careful about buying chargers on ebay. I did that once and it caught a light. Luckily I was living in a hostel that had fire proof carpets so I didnt do any damage. Otherwise it could’ve been dangerous.

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Looking on google it looks like you want 90watts. Make sure the universal charger is compatible.


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