Characteristics of empaths

Is anyone else an empath. I find that I have often misunderstood what was going on. For example when I was picking up that someone was angry I thought they were sending out negative energy to me when I was just picking up on their emotion. Psychiatrists just think your delusional so are no help when all you need is to figure out what is really going on. This describes the characteristics of an empath.

I believe it is a personality trait. There is only so much ■■■■ you can go through until you reach a point of extreme empathy. I’ve researched all of the pseudo-science for you. Just focus on recovery and be keen not to be manipulated.

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I thought that I was an Empath when I was very delusional years ago.

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I was an empath before I got on medicine. Now I ignore other people’s emotions

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The salience of whatever we stumble upon is out of control because of the dopamine, we pick up on emotions/intentions that aren’t there, and sure, sometimes we are right, and emotions/intentions that are indeed there become hypersalient to us.