Character requirements

Why do we have to have over ten letters in our replies? Lots of times I have short messages like ‘happy birthday’ but it wants more letters. I’m just wondering what the reason behind this is.

It is designed that way so that people are encouraged to add something of value to a thread. A common problem on forums is where people reply to a post with “Me too”, or “+1”, or “Yep”. They don’t really add anything to the thread. Making a character requirement helps discourage that.

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Ah ok. I’m such a chatterbox that I didn’t even think of that. Thank you!

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I have to get creative sometimes to make the character requirement. I think, but nothing happens. (Curly)

Fundamentally - its designed to encourage more substantial conversations. Conversations with more information and knowledge transferred in them. The people who developed the software have found that generally people like reading substance rather than short messages like “me too” or “I agree”.

So - just think before people respond I encourage them to try to add something longer and of help and value to others.


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