Chappelle gave us Jews props in his new stand up

He said "any of you black ppl ever had a 'who’s had it tougher-off with a Jewish person??..he’ll be like “well you forgot about Egypt”…then Chappelle said “Egypt? Them mothafuckers bringing it back to Egypt??? Man I didn’t even know the history books go back to Egypt…but them dudes bringing it all the way back to Egypt!!!” Made me crack the F up.

I think Jews and blacks are historically the most oppressed groups. But Jews have done real well in resisting oppression for the most part since WW2. Probably cuz we’re mostly white. So we blend in somewhat with other white folk. My favorite part of Chappelle standup was when he said hi to OJ Simpson right after he was acquitted and some lady was like to him “how could you say hi to that murderer?!?!?” And he says “no offense woman, but that murderer rushed for 11000 yards!!!” Got me jumping out of my chair. Man is he funny. So damn creative and great technique. Lol!!! Good to have you back dave.


"Chappelle gave us Jews props in his new stand up"
Chew the Jew

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Yes why did you think I thought I was Jesus?

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