Changing to pills from the shot

Psychosis is worse

Psychosis reduces your intelligence much more lmao I quit my meds and became much more stupid.

i know but there is no reason why would i become psychotic again

i guess but i feel stupid already dont need meds to reduce it even more

You are not stupid, you are very intelligent for your age.

how? i think i maybe was intelligent but not anymore

why am i not allowed to quit

Because you’re sick. You just lack the insight to see it, and that’s the nature of psychosis

I know I was sick but I’m not anymore

You are. You go back and forth with your symptoms, so you are still sick

Actually ap s boost your intelligence.its scientific truth.i don t want to be fool but trustable ap is most healthy choice for us.because if sz patient don t use ap they definitely use heavy smoking or illegal pls trust your aps.its not dangerous than many illegal drugs and smoking.

I guess so :confused:

Ur going to get tardrive dyskinesia if u stop without medical supervision I hate my life having it you don’t understand how much it messed with me I hate my life what the drugs did to me I have no cognitive function it messed with my hormones and messed with the biology of my body I just want to die man I hate life now

i shouldve never started them then :frowning:

Don’t then u can get brain damage like the one poster did

i started them already months ago :frowning:

Psychosis/schizophrenia sucks it’s a lose lose the meds are crazy when it comes to messing with your hormones and ur brain and not taking them can really impact your brain and damage/shrink it

I belive the shot acts like radiation

So i prefer pills

Is the shot better than taking pills? Does the shot ease the liver?

that’s a delusion sorry

It cause my doctor said I have high levels of something in the liver from taking medication