Changing the world

:footprints: Achievements creatively are the human capital most crave for.

Somehow this got me thinking. 20 years ago I lived in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in the USA. The 911 had not happened yet and we could not think that viruses such as the coronavirus would spread around the world. My auto living was ok, but now after 20 years we are afraid of being infected and we have to take measures to protect ourselves from the coronavirus infection. The world has changed and we do not know when this crisis is over. When I lived in my auto I had to protect myself from other people especially during nights and now I need to protect myself again from other people who might be infected. Has the world really changed or is it just an illusion? Today the coronavirus kills more people in one day than the 911 and the wars after the 911. It is terrible, but the reality.

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yeah. I was just thinking about all artists

especially musicians being out of work

but also that creative works do change the world.

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