Changing my profile pic?


I was wondering… I want to change my profile pic, but how many would be able to recognise me if I did? I mostly recognise people from their pictures, and I find it annoying when someone changes too much.

Would it be accepted? :sweat_smile:


I know you by username mainly. I say go for it!



I always get so confused when people change their profile pictures!


If it’s what you want, then have fun with it. We’ll adjust to it after a while


People will be confused for a bit, then get used to it. Go for it!


Maybe make a thread to announce you changed it so we can all bask in your new fabulous picture


I changed mine to better reflect my name.


I say go for it, I recognize you by name @Nova.


Oh no! My kids love Pokemon and it always makes me smile when I see your profile picture. :heart_eyes:


what you thinking of changing it too?

i think its ok, some people change there name and pic at the same time and its like who the f*** are you lol like @shifter for instance its a pain in the ass


I changed it to a happy Pluto! Everyone bask in its glory!


I love happy Pluto!


I like it. Its cute.


That got a smile out of me, hello new nova face basks