Changing my mind, is it disorganized thinking?

I change my mind often, is that disorganized thinking?

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You could be indecisive

I have the same, I’m a ■■■■■■■ stoplight changing my mind the whole time, it comes from a lack of purpose or for me even more an unability to get to my goals, I don’t even know where to start


I would like to know too, mine gets way qorse during episodes and sometimes ill be so indecisive ill just walk in circles or back and forwards thinking of what i should do next

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No, I don’t think so

@Froge Same. I spend my days thinking what I should do with my life and never take any action

I guess it’s because of avolition and/or anhedonia. Maybe not disorganized thinking

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Anxiety levels cause me to change my mind depending on how they are hitting me

It doesn’t sound like disorganized thinking.

Your level of awareness seems reasonably high.

I think you can improve if you set small goals and pursue them with dogged persistence.

That’s a big problem for me. I have been journaling as record of my flip flopping for years. Is there any way out of this nightmare?

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