Changing my life

I’ve given up drinking, smoking and dieting. I’m preparing my body to have a baby in about a year’s time. I hope I’m making right changes. Worse nightmare having psychosis when I have a child but meds seem to be working.

What do you all think?


Well done! Having a baby couldn’t be a more noble cause to do it for.

I have given up drinking ( 8 weeks) and gave up smoking 17 years ago. I’m still controlling my diet though.


I think in addition to these things a good multi-vitamin, one with folic acid in it, would be a great way to help prepare for a pregnancy. Good job and good luck.


This site offers some ideas to help women with schizophrenia concerning supplements to take while carrying a baby in the womb.


I think you’re being very wise. I’d start counting servings of protein, vegetables and fruits to prepare your body to be as healthy as it can possibly be so you can best take care of your baby in utero. Good job and good luck!


Wowser, congratulations…

I’m happy for you. :slight_smile:


Thanks. This is my half a stone award at slimming world.

How are you keeping. Are you still dieting?


Congrats man that’s well good.

Yes I’m not calorie counting though nor am I restricting calories. I’m just trying to limit treat days.


I have about 4 more stone to lose.

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Yea the main thing is, in my opinion, take your time with it. Doesn’t need to be a kg per week, not even 0.5kg per week…slow weight loss is best weight loss :))

I’m giving myself 2 years to lose the weight.


Thats great, but why did you give up diet, you need good nutrition for the baby to be healthy right? :thinking:

I’m just eating healthier.

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One thing that might help is for you to line up some support from friends and relatives for after you’ve had the baby. I know a baby is a bundle of joy, but they’re also hard work. Maybe some night you might want to go to a movie, and you need someone to baby sit. In the meantime take good care of yourself.

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Yea thats still dieting, so thats good. keep it up. More dense nutritional food you eat, the healthier the baby will be. I hope you have beautiful baby if you decide to have one. :blush:

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@Star84 Here’s one of the things I have seen:

Choline During Pregnancy for Schizophrenia Prevention

by Erin Hawkes, MSc

Choline is physiologically important for the structure of cell walls, signaling across these walls, signaling from cell to cell, and metabolism. Humans must consume choline-containing foods in their diet, but most don’t consume enough. Vegans, vegetarians, and athletes are particularly at risk for low choline levels. Moreover, there is a high demand for choline during pregnancy. Supplements are available in the form of phosphatidylcholine (lecithin).

Likely Effectiveness: Quite likely to be effective as a preventative measure, with perinatal exposure. Unlikely to improve symptoms of schizophrenia or medication side effects, such as tardive dyskinesia.

Effective Dosage: Men: 550 to 3500mg per day; women: 425 to 3500mg per day; pregnant/lactating women: 450/550 to 3500mg per day. Meat, eggs, dairy, and grains are examples of high-choline foods. In the most recent study the women took approximately 6 grams (6,000 mg) per day of Choline, and that level seemed to be the most effective.

Research: Fair; not replicated/confirmed; conflicting results across studies.

Risks: No side effects at therapeutic doses. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) considers it safe

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