Changing my diet

I want to radically change my diet, have wanted to change it for ages. I hope this helps with psychological symptoms and fatigue as well. Anyone else wants to change their diet and help each other stay strong?

I’m on a really unhealthy diet now. I eat extremely irregularly and mostly live on coffee, sugar and take-away food. :frowning: I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs and I eat very little vegetables or fruit and drink way too little besides coffee. ashamed

Yesterday I made a week planning, I cooked healthily for myself (rice with veggies and beef) and decided to change my diet. I did grocery shopping today and bought organic meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, fish oil at the organic food shop, and even stuff to make sauerkraut. I’ve been drinking water and tea from fresh ginger all day and have had a decent breakfast and lunch at normal-people-eating-times. Because I felt so good about myself, I also did some household chores.

I’m proud of how this first day is going, but I am starting to crave sugar and I’d love to go to a coffee bar for a cappucino and pie! :-o I really hope to continue eating well though, not fall back!

So… if anyone else wants to eat more healthily, maybe we can support eachother?

I currently weigh 13 stone 2 lb
I weigh myself once a week on Wednesday morning
My BMI is bad I am obese
I really need to lose two or three stone
I eat lots of fruits and vegetables
I do lots of walking
How much you weigh

I’m around 80kg, which is 12 stone 8lb, and somewhat overweight for my length. I used to be thin and never had to worry about what I ate. In 2015 I was 55kg, which is 8 stone 9lb. Then I was started on Zyprexa, gained lots and lots of weight in a few weeks, and then just gave up on the whole weight thing.

I want to lose weight, but mostly I want to feel better, happier, more energetic. I’m often so tired and unmotivated. I blame it on the meds, and if I quit them I do indeed feel better, but I think eating healthily and exercising will also help with this.

Hope you manage to lose the stones you want to lose. Do you feel fit?

I actually enjoy eating healthier food
I have stopped eating a lot bread I only have bread and butter every so often
I walk allot and recently went to aqua aerobics
I don’t eat red meat
I think exercise and diet really help mental and physical health
If I hungry I have an apple
Like you when I was below the age of thirty I could eat what want
I’m on clozapine and gained lot weight
Now I’m doing better with mental health want to be well and physically fit

Wow, but you are doing really well already… :slight_smile: You are doing lots of healthy things!

Maybe we could PM each other once a week to reveal weight and see if we’ve lost or gained

Yes, sure, that would be a good thing to do!

I wanted to buy a scale too, I only use the one at my parents place.

If I forget to PM, please forgive me though… I’m very chaotic and forgetful, it is difficult for me to remember things like that. I will try really hard though!

Ok great :+1:
Good luck

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