Changing meds again

So i had been on rispirdone for 8 years 10mg a day, stupidly i stoped taking it 6 mk ths ago, without telling anyone, previously I’ve had just about everything seroquel, zyprexa. Abilify, haldol.

They have now started me back on seroquel which never worked before but because it was 8 yrs ago they feel like its worth going back there, I’m scarres because if this doesnt work its going to be clozapine.

I live in the uk and along with my cmht im now involved with the irs or crisis team coming out everyday which is making things worse but my wife is insisting on them coming out.

Dont know why i wrote all this just feel like i need somewhere to talk

Hey tanren. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too great. See you’ve tried quite a few meds - me too. I appreciate they are hard to stay on with all the side effects.

I wouldn’t worry about clozapine. I have seen it work wonders. Just get through a day at a time with the crisis team. They all mean well and let’s face it - it is better than being in hospital.

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Thanks, Jimbob, im trying to work with them ita hard, i want to avoid hospital having been in and out 6 times its no fun, the dose is what gets me 25mg twice a day for a week then 50mg twice a day, not sure what after that, i cant quite remember but i had tried 800mg the last time seems like a slow start and i dont know why.

I am on the extended release version seroquel (seroquel XR). It suits me pretty well as it lasts a full 24 hours. The normal version had too many peaks and troughs for my liking.

Have you ever been on a combination of APs. The seroquel XR plus depixol depot does better for me than even clozapine.

Ps I think here in the UK they always start at a real low dose and slowly raise it. This is for safety I think but it can cause a few uncomfortable under medicated weeks. I would use the crisis team as much as possible to mitigate these bad few days.

Ive never tried combination AP before the 50mg pack is a generic brand with XL not sure if thats extended relase or not, nkt that i see the packs now my wife doesnt trust me to take them so its like a line up on the ward at med time, she’s even been checking ive swallowed them ive also been given some diazapam for a few weeks as well, I also stopped taking the fluoxtine i had been given 60mg a day seemed pointless to me, now im not so sure. Hoping things will improve, as jts getting harder to see whats real and what its getting blurry

Thanks jimbob