Changing Job

I have been offered an interview for a water utilities company that is at the end of my road. The pay is much better and I would get the next level of promotion I would be getting where I work now. There is also 8 hours less commute a week.

The problem is I don’t cope well with change, and I am very comfortable where I work currently. I have my mother, aunt and two cousins where I work now, and they help me a lot. I also have a four day week which helps me. I would lose flexible working. We also have casual dress and I can smoke pretty much enough to see the day out.

I really don’t know what to do. I guess I cannot stay in the same job forever, so this seems like a leap of faith I may have to take.


You could interview for the job and see how it goes and how you feel.

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w0000t! Sounds like the right thing at the right time. Good luck!

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