Sometimes it Has Been Said, People Can Change You. To Teach You Something New And or Exciting. Almost as if You Have No Choice in The Situation Sitting Before You Within Unfamiliar Territory.

And I Respond With, The Universe, The World, And The People in it, Affect You.

Change Only Occurs if it is Something You Desire to Change.

It Doesn’t Jus Happen Without Reason.

It Has to Be Desired.

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David Bowie~ ‘Changes’. (Song/1971). Album- Hunky Dory

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‘I watch the ripples change their size But never leave the stream of warm impermanence’


  • Change~ ‘Make or Become Different’.

  • Objective~ ‘(Of a Person or Judgement), Not Influenced By Personal Feelings or Opinions in Considering And Representing Facts’.

  • Subjective~ ‘Based on or Influenced By Personal Feelings, Tastes, or Opinions’.

  • Judgement~ ‘The Ability to Make Considered Decisions or Come to Sensible Conclusions’.

Please Enjoy!,

Tupac Shakur~ ‘Changes’. (Song/1998). Album- Greatest Hits

‘I’d love to go back to when we played as kids But things changed, and that’s the way it is’


It Has Been Said, ‘The Universe Will Give You Nothing That You Can’t Handle’.

But My Response is, Why Do We as Innocent Human Beings Have to Deal With Troubles in Any Way to Begin With?.

Someone Would Respond to That Response With, ‘That’s Life’.

So. The Question Arrives. What is Life in All Reality?. And Why is There Suffering at All?.

Can There Be a New Form of Life?. One Without Any Suffering Whatsoever?. And Are We, Willing, And Able to Make The Changes For a Greater, More Fulfilling Existence. And For Whom Do We Make Those Changes For?. Will it Be For Ourselves?. Or Will The Changes Be For Something Else?. Something Beyond All That We Have Ever Hoped, or Dreamed For?.

And a New Birth Arrives. A New Question. What Kind of Change Am I Talking About?

Radiohead~ ‘Reckoner’. (Song/Video/2007). Album- In Rainbows

Heraclitus said no man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

We are ever changing, whether we like it or not.


Interesting. And a Good Point I Admit. But, I Think About The Ripples in a Stream. They Get Wider And Swim Further Down Stream. But!, Never Leave The Stream. And Even When You Toss a Pebble in The Stream And it Splashes. The Water Leaves The Stream For a Moment Within The Splash. But!, Always Returns to The Stream.

How Do We Escape The Stream?.


my least favorite track from master of reality but the shoe fits.

(Side Note)

The Pebble of Possibility Tossed into The Stream. And The Stream Connected By The Reality, That Water is Love. As The Love Splashes, it Reaches Towards The Sun & Moon. And Each Droplet Once Connected, Separates. As The Pebble of Possibility Sinks to The Bottom of The Stream, The Droplets of Love Drop Back into The Stream. Connected, Once Again, With Each Other & Possibility.


Intelligence is The Ability to Adapt to Change. What is Intelligence?. With Change Being Within The Sphere of Judgement. One Can Either, Try to Make Someone Different. Be Made to Become Something or Someone Different. Or!, Change Yourself On Your Own Accord. So Which is More Intelligent?. To Be Forced And or Demanded For Change?.

Or Shift Your Being And Learn to Discover What it is You Were Designed to Become?.

All on Your Own, Metaphorically Speaking of Course.

  • Intelligence~ ‘The Ability to Acquire And Apply Knowledge And Skills’. (Sounds Legit, But What is The Definition of Intelligence When The Skills & Knowledge, That Are Based on a Isolated Set of Values, Are All on Your Own’)?.

Some Would Sadly Be Pointed at By The Crowds of The Lost. With The Crowd Admitting That They Don’t Care About Becoming More Intelligent. Or Any Sort of Change in Any Way.

Soylent Green is People Perhaps. At Least Towards The End of Their Existence.

Willful Ignorance on The Opposite End of The Spectrum of The Honest Reality of Constant Change. At Least For Each Individual That is Personally Unique.

Some Who Have Given Up And Continue Along The Pathe of Mindless Self Indulgence & Self Destruction. Fear Not The Possible Next Step in The Void of Endless Mystery. Perhaps a Puzzle of Endless Ignorance. And Jus Taking What They Can Take. By Giving Up on Any Sort of Balance to Put Their Reality into a More Correct Development.

Sadly, on The Other End of Intelligence is One Word. That Could Possibly Upset Those Living Restlessly in The Void of Sharp Darkness.

And That Word is Stupidity. (Which is Insulting I Admit). But a Quick Jab At Those Who Have Given Up on Anything Resting Among The Fields of Freedom, Justice, And Solid Truth. Which is, in The End, as Has Already Been Stated, Willful Ignorance.

So. The Question Arrives. Is Change Necessary?. And is Willful Ignorance Dangerous in Any Way?.

If The Universe is Endlessly Expanding, Well That, For Starters Could Be a Good Sign That Change Happens No Matter What. Parallel With Time. With The Core Being of The Universe Moving Forward. As it Mirrors With The Essence of Time.

Illusion or Reality. Consumption & Change. Life And Death. As of Right Now an Unclear Picture, Staring Back into Our Shadows. As We Wake, Eat, Work, Rest And Sleep Again.

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