Changed up our diets....for the better


bought more groceries that are a change up than what we were eating a lot of…namely sandwiches where we once ate chicken pot pies…did away with that and feel better.


Changing your diet really does make a difference in how you feel,

Hope you continue to be happy with the changes.


Smart thinking @jukebox. I’ve been eating more home cooked meals lately, and I have noticed a little bit of improvement in my moods.

Take care, :v:.


thanks friend…yes variety in foods can really cheer you up !!


You welcome. :blush:

Sorry to derail your thread, but I also play guitar, and I am curious if you play your guitar daily? Or do you take breaks?

I’m seeking some advice on practice routines.


I make kind of a ritual of playing guitar early in the morning before we turn on the stereo…I play no more than about 3 or 4 songs and set it down. just enough to keep up the callusses.